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Quit Claim Deed Arizona Quitclaim Deed AZ

Quit Claim Deed Arizona Quitclaim Deed AZ
Hello, this is CJ here from CJbuyshomesfast.com. This video is the first of three videos that explains the commonly used phrase and form in real estate called quit claim deed. Please like, comment, and share. Don’t forget to go to CJbuyshomesfast.com to submit your property address, email, phone number, and name to get your free, all-cash offer for your Arizona or Illinois property. We buy houses in Phoenix. We buy houses in Chicago. And we are cash home buyers in Tucson. Let us make you a fair offer for your property. Remember, when we buy your property, there’s no closing costs to you. There’s no repairs, no showings. We buy your property as is.

Alrighty. So what does quit claim deed mean? Exactly how it sounds. If you are a corporation or a person that has an interest in a property and listed on the deed as a grantor, that means you have the legal right to quit your claim to the deed.

I’ll focus on Arizona, since that’s the primary state that we operate in. So what is an Arizona quit claim deed? An Arizona quit claim deed sometimes called a quitclaim deed or quit claim deed, as in two words, is used to transfer Arizona real estate with no warranty of the title. The person creating the deed, grantor … We talked about that in another video … Is not guaranteeing that he or she owns the property or has a right to convey it to the new owner, grantee. Because there is no warranty of title, the person receiving the property assumes the risk of any problems associated with the property.

Quit claim deeds are recognized by ARS 33-402. Check out the link in the description to go to that site and read the definition from the Arizona legislature. An Arizona quit claim deed form may also be called a quit claim deed with quit claim rendered as two words. Many lay people mistakenly called quit claim deed a quick claim deed, but this is incorrect. The correct term is quit claim deed, and there is no such thing as a quick claim deed.

A properly filled out quit claim must be notarized to be public, rather must be notarized publicly, to be considered valid in Arizona. It is essential that the grantor and grantees sign the quit claim in the presence of a notary public. Then the grantee will pay the appropriate fees to file the quit claim with the appropriate county recorder’s office, like Maricopa County or Pima County.

If you’re an Arizona property owner experiencing challenges selling your property due to the discrepancies on the deed, CJbuyshomesfast.com may be able to help. Go to CJbuyshomesfast.com. Submit your property address, your name, your email, and your phone number to get a fair, all-cash offer for your property. Remember, when we buy your property, we buy as is. Me and my network of real estate professionals and experts stand by ready to answer your Arizona real estate questions and look forward to helping you. Don’t forget to like, comment and share this video. Thank you for watching.
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